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Hi I'm new

1) How long have you been a No Doubt fan?
Since I was in 5th grade, I'm 21 now
2) When was the first time you heard NxD?
When I was in 5th grade me & my friend were in my bedroom & we were listening to "The Box" which is now MTV2 (It was just music videos on regular tv) and Spiderwebs came on & we started goofing around & trying to dance to it & we ended up laughing so hard about it, so I was like who even sings this song so I waited to see and I was like, No Doubt huh? So I went to the music store & bought Tragic Kingdom & have been obsessed ever since.
3) What drew you to their music?
The sound of it, the horns the beats, Gwen the guys, their style, the lyrics
4) What's your favorite NxD song?
Are you kidding me?? This is sooo hard.. If I absolutely, positively had to pick.. for some reason I'd say SUNDAY MORNING.
5) Have you ever seen them live? If so, how many times?
I've seen them live twice, thanks to my ex-boyfriend he took me to 2 of their shows. My first being during the Rock Steady tour at the Allstate Arena in Chicago in 2002 & During their tour with Blink in June of 2004.
I would have seen them 2 more times if my mom would've let me go to this one show in 98 and if my guy friend would have driven me to Return of Saturn show.
6) State your name and why you love NxD
Kandy is my name & see the answer to question #3 for the answer on why I love them, Oh yeah & they make me happy =-)
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