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The Reasons Why I Love No Doubt So So Much!

1) How long have you been a No Doubt fan?
since i was about seven , when i heard songs from
tragic kingdom.
2) When was the first time you heard NxD?
3) What drew you to their music?
I really liked the older stuff once i started liking them
as it was really cool and gwen can sing well
4) What's your favorite NxD song?
Oh soo Hard ! Fave 3 would be New,Trapped In A Box and
Staring-lol cause its so groovy and funny.
5) Have you ever seen them live? If so, how many times?
Nope Which make me really sad when i was younger i wasn't
allowed and when i was i found they were all in the us and canada
which sucks being from england.:P
6) State your name and why you love NxD.
My name is japanese queen because just like gwen i think that
japanese girls have some damn wicked style.Oh and i love NxD
coz they can all write,sing,and play their own music and it sounds
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