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No Doubters Unite!
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Here is a little of what we're about: we're a No Doubt community. We're a little different than many other No Doubt Communities. Come in and find out why :) You may post anything NO DOUBT related, and may ask foreverinaday for permission to post anything otherwise.

Once you join the community, please tell us a little about yourself. You can use these questions if you like:

1) How long have you been a No Doubt fan?
2) When was the first time you heard NxD?
3) What drew you to their music?
4) What's your favorite NxD song?
5) Have you ever seen them live? If so, how many times?
6) State your name and why you love NxD.

-No fighting! If you do not like a person in the community-express it to them outside of the community, anyone fighting will be banned.

*You may post anything NxD related. I.e., icons, banners, wallpapers, photos, articles, L.A.M.B. stuff, concert stories, etc. And if you have a No Doubt community you can promote only your No Doubt community and only in one post.*

And that's it, so have fun and rock steady!<3 your mod foreverinaday

Icons are made by: majestictragedy luvyourlife and mywordsarewrong Thank you!